1 registry (office) (oficina).
registro civil registry (office)
registro de comercio o mercantil business registry office
registro de la propiedad land registry office
registro de la propiedad industrial/intelectual trademark/copyright registry office
2 registration.
llevar el registro de algo to keep a record of something
3 register (libro).
registro parroquial parish register
4 search, searching.
efectuaron un registro domiciliario they searched his/her/etc home
5 bookmark.
6 record (computing).
7 register (linguistics & music).
8 inspection, inquisition, search.
9 entry.
10 damper.
11 voice range, range.
1st person singular (yo) present indicative of spanish verb: registrar.
* * *
nombre masculino
1 (inspección) search, inspection
2 (inscripción) registration, recording; (matriculación) enrolment (US enrollment), registration
3 DERECHO (oficina) registry; (libro) register
4 MÚSICA register (de órgano) stop
5 INFORMÁTICA register
6 TÉCNICA inspection hole
tocar todos los registros figurado to pull out all the stops
registro civil births, marriages and deaths register 2 (oficina) registry office
registro de la propiedad land registry
registro electoral electoral roll
registro mercantil business register
* * *
noun m.
1) register
2) registry
3) record
4) search
* * *
1) (=acción) registration, recording
2) (=libro) register; (Inform) record

firmar el registro — to sign the register

capacidad de registro — storage facility, recording capacity

registro catastral — land registry

registro de casamientos — register of marriages

registro de defunciones — register of deaths

registro de la propiedad inmobiliaria — land registry

registro de nacimientos — register of births

registro electoral — electoral register, electoral roll

registro lógico — logical record

registro mercantil — business register

registro parroquial — parish register

3) (=lista) list, record; (=apunte) note

registro de erratas — list of errata

4) (=entrada) entry
5) (=oficina) registry, record office

registro civil — registry office, county clerk's office (EEUU)

registro de la propiedad — (=oficina) land registry, land registry office

registro de patentes y marcas — patent office

6) (=búsqueda) search; (=inspección) inspection

practicar un registro — to make a search (en of)

orden de registro — search warrant

registro domiciliario — house search

registro policíaco — police search

7) (Mús) (=grabación) recording

es un buen registro de la sinfonía — it is a good recording of the symphony

8) (Mús) (=timbre) [de la voz] register; [del órgano] stop; [del piano] pedal

mira por qué registro nos sale ahora — look what he's coming out with now

9) (Téc) manhole
10) (Ling) register
11) (Dep) (=marca) personal best; (=récord) record
12) [de reloj] regulator
13) (Tip) register

estar en registro — to be in register

14) And, Cono Sur (=tienda) wholesale textiles store
* * *
1) (libro) register; (acción de anotar) registration; (cosa anotada) record, entry
2) (por la policía) search

orden de registro — search warrant

3) (de reloj) regulator
4) (Mús)
a) (de voz, instrumento) range
b) (pieza - de órgano) register, stop; (- de piano, clavicordio) pedal
c) (tono) register
5) (Ling) register
6) (Tec) (abertura) inspection hatch; (de agua) (Col) stopcock, shutoff valve (AmE)
* * *
1) (libro) register; (acción de anotar) registration; (cosa anotada) record, entry
2) (por la policía) search

orden de registro — search warrant

3) (de reloj) regulator
4) (Mús)
a) (de voz, instrumento) range
b) (pieza - de órgano) register, stop; (- de piano, clavicordio) pedal
c) (tono) register
5) (Ling) register
6) (Tec) (abertura) inspection hatch; (de agua) (Col) stopcock, shutoff valve (AmE)
* * *
1 = rec (record), record, tuple, booking record.

Ex: A record number is a commonly used key field, sometimes abbreviated as rec no.

Ex: A record is a complete unit of information about a person, item, product, book, patient, chemical, etc. and in a computer-held data base a record is all the information contained relating to a document.
Ex: The model embodies a semantic synthesiser, which is based on an algorithm that maps the syntactic representation of a tuple or a record onto a semantic representation.
Ex: Many libraries may also be involved in maintaining booking records of one type or another: in college libraries these often relate to instructional films hired during term.
* base de datos de registros de catálogo = catalogue record database.
* bloque funcional de relaciones entre registros = linking entry block.
* cambio de registro = code switching.
* campo de registro = field.
* capturar registros = capture + records.
* Cinta de Intercambio de Registros MARC = MARC Exchange Tape.
* copiar registros = download + records, capture + records.
* cualidad de lo que constituye ser un registro = recordness.
* descargar registros = download + records.
* deseleccionar un registro = unmark + record.
* detección de registros duplicados = duplicate record detection.
* directorio de un registro automatizado = directory.
* eliminación de registros duplicados = duplicate elimination.
* el registro modelo = record-of-record.
* enriquecimiento de los registros = record(s) enhancement.
* estructura del registro = record structure.
* fichero de registro por documento = item record file.
* fichero de registro por término = term record file.
* fondo de registros bibliográficos = bibliographic pool, bibliographic record pool.
* formato de registro = record format.
* gestión de registros = record keeping [recordkeeping].
* identificador de registro = record identifier.
* incluir como registro de encabezamiento secundario = trace.
* índice de registro por documento = item record index.
* índice de registro por término = term record index.
* longitud de registro = record length.
* modificar un registro = amend + record.
* pasar registros a disco = transfer + records + to disc.
* Programa de Gestión de Registros y Archivos (RAMP) = Records and Archives Management Programme (RAMP).
* registro administrativo = administrative record.
* registro automatizado = machine-readable record.
* registro bibliográfico = bibliographic record, document record, bibliographical record.
* registro catalográfico = cataloguing record.
* registro de autoridad archivística = archival authority record.
* registro de catálogo colectivo = joint record, joint catalogue record.
* registro de contabilidad = financial record.
* registro de documento pedido = on-order record.
* registro de ejemplar = copy record.
* registro de encabezamiento secundario de materia = subject tracing.
* registro de encabezamientos secundarios = tracing.
* registro de entrada = accession record.
* registro de identificación = cookie.
* registro de longitud fija = fixed-length record.
* registro de personal = personnel record.
* registro de publicaciones seriadas = serials record.
* registro electrónico = digital record, electronic record.
* registro estructurado = structured record.
* registro gráfico = graphic record.
* registro informático = digital record.
* registro lógico = logical record.
* registro manuscrito = manuscript record.
* registro MARC = MARC record.
* registro matriz = master record.
* registro notarial = notarial record.
* registros demográficos = vital records.
* registro seleccionado = marked record.
* salvar registros = download + records.
* seleccionar registros = mark + records.
* separador de registro = record separator.
* servicio de registros MARC, el = MARC service, the.
* sistema de gestión de registros = record(s) system.
* tamaño del registro = record size.
* volcado de registros = derived cataloguing, copy cataloguing.

2 = register, register, registry, records centre.

Ex: James's methods in dealing systematically with each codex are illustrated by comparing the Ecloga with the 1574/75 register of Mathew Parker's library at Corpus Christi, Cambridge.

Ex: During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries printers got over the resulting difficulties by adding (usually adjacent to the colophon) a summary of the signatures called the register.
Ex: Its aim is to provide a reliable registry of all world serial publications.
Ex: This article describes the background to the setting up of the Archdiocese of Chicago's archives and records centre.
* cuadrar el registro = make + register.
* el registro de los registros = record-of-record.
* fichero de registro de transacciones = log, service log, computer log, server log.
* mantener registro de = keep + record of.
* mantener un registro = keep + log.
* mantener un registro de = keep + track of, record.
* registro catastral = land registry office, land registry.
* registro civil = registry office.
* registro de actividades realizadas = logbook [log book].
* registro de entrada = accessions register.
* registro de grupo de términos de búsqueda relacionados = hedge book.
* registro de las pantallas consultadas = screen log.
* registro de operaciones realizadas = transaction log, transaction logging.
* registro de salida de cartas = outward letterbook.
* registro de transacciones = logsheet.
* registro temporal de transacciones = time log.

3 = accessioning, stock recording, registration.

Ex: Accessioning involves giving the item a unique number so that if it is lost the cost can be easily discovered.

Ex: The stages of book preparation, known as processing, can be tabulated as follows: check of book with invoice; quick collation; accessioning or stock recording; classification; cataloguing; lettering on spine; labelling; final check of all processes before shelving.
Ex: The borrower file is then searched to obtain a list of all those borrowers with registration dates before the cut-off date.
* certificado de fecha de registro = time stamp [timestamp].
* dar registro = accession.
* fecha de registro = accession date, time stamp [timestamp].
* ficha de número de registro = accessions card.
* libro de registro = accessions register, accessions book, accessions ledger.
* libro de registro de entrada y salida de cartas = letterbook [letter book].
* máquina de registro de préstamos por medio de la fotografía = photocharger, photocharging machine.
* número de registro = accession number, card number.
* orden de registro = search warrant.
* sistema de registro = recording system.

4 = manhole.

Ex: It was found that someone had dumped a load of builders' rubble down a manhole blocking the sewer and causing havoc.

* caja de registro eléctrico = wiring compartment.
* pozo de registro = manhole.
* tapa de registro = manhole cover.

* * *
A (libro) register; (acción de anotar) registration; (cosa anotada) record, entry
registro civil
(libro) register of births, marriages and deaths; (oficina) registry, registry office (BrE)
registro de la propiedad
(libro) land register; (oficina) land registration office, land registry (BrE)
registro de la propiedad industrial
patent office
registro de patentes y marcas
patent office
registro electoral
(Chi) electoral roll o register
registro parroquial
parish register
B (por la policía) search
orden de registro search warrant
registro domiciliario
la policía ha efectuado 300 registros domiciliarios the police have carried out searches on 300 houses
C (de un reloj) regulator
D (Mús)
1 (de una voz, un instrumento) range
2 (pieza — de un órgano) register, stop; (— de un piano, clavicordio) pedal
3 (tono) register
E (Ling) register
F (Tec)
1 (abertura) inspection hatch
2 (Col) (de agua) stopcock, shutoff valve (AmE)
G (Arg) driver's license (AmE), driving licence (BrE)
* * *


Del verbo registrar: (conjugate registrar)

registro es:

1ª persona singular (yo) presente indicativo

registró es:

3ª persona singular (él/ella/usted) pretérito indicativo

Multiple Entries:
registrar (conjugate registrar) verbo transitivo
a)nacimiento/defunción/patenteto register

b)sonido/temperaturato record;

temblorto register
2equipaje/lugar/personato search;
estaba registrando mis cajones (fam) he was going through my drawers

3 (Méx) ‹cartato register
registrarse verbo pronominal (inscribirse) to register;
(en hotel) to register, check in
registro sustantivo masculino
1 (libro) register;
(acción de anotar) registration;
(cosa anotada) record, entry;
registro civil (oficina) registry, registry office (BrE)

2 (por la policía) search;
orden de registro search warrant

registrar verbo transitivo
1 (la policía una casa, a una persona, etc) to search
2 (un nacimiento, una firma, marca) to register
3 (información, datos, etc) to include
4 (una imagen, un sonido) to record
5 (una acción, un fenómeno) to record, register
registro sustantivo masculino
1 (inspección policial, etc) search
2 (de nacimientos, firmas, marcas) register
3 (oficina) registry office
4 Mús register
'registro' also found in these entries:
- inscribir
- inscribirse
- inscripción
- constancia
- notaría
- orden
- partida
case book
- check in
- patent office
- range
- recording
- register
- registrar
- registry
- registry office
- search
- search warrant
- stop
- thorough
- warrant
- driver's license
- electoral
- man
- record
- strike
* * *
registro nm
1. [oficina] registry (office)
registro catastral land register;
registro civil registry (office);
registro de comercio trade register office;
registro mercantil trade register office;
registro de la propiedad land records office, Br land registry office;
registro de la propiedad industrial trademark registry office;
registro de la propiedad intelectual copyright registry office
2. [libro] register;
inscribir a alguien en el registro civil to register sb in the register of births, marriages and deaths
Com registro de caja cash book;
registro parroquial parish register
3. [inscripción] registration;
llevar el registro de algo to keep a record of sth
4. [inspección] search;
una orden de registro a search warrant;
procedieron al registro de la fábrica they carried out a search of the factory;
efectuaron un registro domiciliario they searched his/her/etc home
5. [de libro] bookmark
6. Informát [en base de datos] record
7. Ling register
8. Mús [notas] register
9. Mús [en órgano] stop, register;
tocar todos los registros to pull out all the stops
10. Tec [abertura] inspection hatch
11. Tec [llave] stopcock
* * *
1 (archivo) register
2 de casa search
tocar todos los registros fig fam pull out all the stops fam
* * *
registro nm
1) : register
2) : registration
3) : registry, record office
4) : range (of a voice or musical instrument)
5) : search
* * *
registro n
1. (examen) search
la policía hizo un registro de la zona the police searched the area
2. (inscripción) registration
3. (libro) register

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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